Visitor Visa

Canada is among the popular tourist destinations with beautiful landscapes and snowy scenery. No matter, what season of the year it is, there is also a rush of foreign visitors. If you are also planning to go on a vacation to Canada or want to visit your relatives or friends residing over there, you need to apply for a visitor visa. Though visitor or temporary visa is a necessity to visit the country, US & Australian citizens are exempted from it.

How To Get A Visitor Visa?

At Arish Immigration, we are proudly assisting the non-resident Canadians to get a visitor visa so that they can discover the country and roam anywhere they want. According to the Canadian Immigration Act, a visitor visa is necessary to allow a foreign resident to enter the country for the purpose of trade & tourism. It doesn’t permit an individual to work over there.

Visitor Visa Refusal/ Reapplication

Did you filed a visitor visa recently only to receive a refusal in the end? If yes, don’t worry, Arish immigration is here to take away all your worries by filing a visa reapplication. After working hard in collecting, compiling and submitting a visitor visa application, and still getting it refused by the immigration office is really a frustrating and disappointing experience. Many applicants are unable to find out the reason for which their visitor application has been refused as all the documents are submitted duly tested. The common reason behind a refusal is that the immigration wasn’t satisfied with all the stuff you provided. Just submitting a visitor visa application doesn’t guarantee success. Make sure you fulfill the minimum requirements to have your application assessed by a visa officer.

Pre-requisites To Apply For A Tourist Visa

If you are planning to reapply as a tourist who wants to explore Canada for leisure, sight-seeing, or other fun-filled purposes, you must:
  • Have a valid travel document, such as a passport,
  • Be in good health and financial condition,
  • Have no criminal or immigration related convictions,
  • Convince an immigration officer that you have ties such as a job, home, financial assets or family back in your home country,
  • Convince an immigration officer that you’ll leave Canada at the end of your visit,
  • Have enough money and resources to manage your and your family’s stay.
Once you approach us, we’ll assess the merits of your case and will provide a list of documents to be attached as required by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada to strengthen your application and maximize the chances of success.

Super Visa for Parents/Grandparents

No matter, from how much time you are living in Canada, almost all Canadian citizens or permanent residents are allowed to sponsor their parents and grandparents from anywhere in the world. This visa is known as Super Visa. The general validity of a super visa is for 2 years but can be renewed multiple times.

What’s The Eligibility Criteria For Super Visa Sponsorship?

  • Must be a Canadian Citizen,
  • Must be able to support the basic needs of spouse or partner and any dependents,
  • Must not have sponsored anyone in the past who has requested financial assistance from the government,
  • Must be legally married to a spouse or cohabiting for at least one year to sponsor a common-law partner,
  • Must be able to financially support the spouse/partner for at least three years,
  • Must not be bankrupt, or should not have a criminal record,
  • Must intend to reside with sponsored spouse/partner in Canada
  • Must be at least 18 years old,

At Arish Immigration in Canada, we can help you in guiding and filing a visa application to undertake and sponsor your family or partner to live and stay with you. You can trust us for a reliable and trustworthy consultation.

Extension Of Stay

Visitor Visa for Canada is applicable for a specific time period of 6 months, starting right from the date you entered the country. It doesn’t allow you to stay permanently but can be extended further, only if the extension request is applied at least 30 days before the visa expiry. As soon as you’ll receive at the airport, an immigration officer will mark a stamp on your passport to record the visa expiration date. An officer will examine and ask about a foreigner’s:

  • Intentions for remaining in Canada
  • Length of stay requested for extension
  • The Time they have already spent in Canada
  • Funds available to support themselves
  • Political & economic situation in the homeland

Visa-exempt foreign nationals do not require a temporary resident visa (TRV) to enter Canada, but they may require an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) if traveling to Canada by airplane. Contact our immigration consultants at Arish Immigration to know about the documents and prerequisites for visitor visa application and extension process.


eTA is an Electronic Travel Authorization that allows the foreign nationals from visa-exempt countries to enter Canada for tourism or visitor purposes at any time of the year they desire.

Who will need an eTA?

  • US citizens are exempted from getting an eTA;
  • Some of the European countries, Caribbean countries, Australia, and New Zealand are visa-exempted that need an eTA.

At Arish Immigration, our professionals have years of experience in Canada immigration service. We will help you obtain your TRV or eTA. Our team will handle all the paperwork so that you can just focus on your visit to Canada.

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