Student Visa Refusal

Are you planning to immigrate to Canada as a student? Did your visa got refused once or twice before? If yes, TDOT Immigration is here to help you apply for a successful study permit. Nowadays, international students are immigrating to this beautiful country in a greater number than ever before because of the level of higher education and living standards it provides.

Since the overseas student admission rate has gone up at an exponential rate, we are working hard to fulfill the dreams of applicants who want to study in Canada. Ours is a trusted immigration consultancy in Toronto that can assist you in getting your study visa with a hassle-free processing.

Why Your Study Visa Gets Refused?

  • An undetailed or illogical study plan.
  • No proof of financial stability.
  • Lack of evident documents.
  • Illegal status in the native country.
  • Lack of employment in the homeland.
  • Documents that are not authentic.
  • Overstayed on a previous visit to Canada.
  • Caught on a criminal offence.
  • Had received a ban due to misrepresentation.
  • Faced a deportation situation before.
  • Suffering from a contagious disease.

What Can We Do For You?

If you wish to study in Canada but are going through immigration refusals time and again, we are here to help. At Arish Immigration, we had a history of assisting thousands of foreign students who want to pursue a graduation or a post graduation degree in their dream country. Since its better late than never, contact us today to get a professional help in preparing and filing a strong application.

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