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Consultation fee may be used towards credits when you register for our services, within 10 days of your appointment.

Sukhmani Mann is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant. Her license number is R707946. Her areas of expertise include Express Entry, Economic and Business Immigration, Provincial Nominee Programs, Study visa, work visa and visit visa applications under the Temporary Residence programs, and Family Sponsorship Programs.

This booking is for a consultation for a period of 20minutes and will be as per the conditions set out in the initial consultation
agreement as listed on our website.

There are nearly 100 Canadian immigration programs. It is practically not possible for the consultant to discuss all the requirements, criteria, changes, and updates in 20 minutes. If need be, the consultant may at her discretion email you with follow-up details as discussed during the consultation.

We are not licensed to practice in Quebec and hence can only offer very limited information related to QC Immigration programs.

 By proceeding to book the call, you give your consent and agree for the call.

If you wish to record the call for your record, then let the consultant know at the start of the call so that he can activate the recording option for you.

 Unfortunately, we do not have any provision for responding to any follow-up questions once the consultation has been concluded. If you need to, you may book another consultation at your convenience.

 CAD$35 – 20 minutes

A mandatory Tax 13% is included

A mandatory Online Payment Processing fee 4.5% is included.

Missed appointments can not be rescheduled or refunded.

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